Global Trading 2010 Ltd founded in Veliko Tarnovo in 2010. Our company mission is to develop and to install alternative and renewable energy solution for to save beautiful enviroment conditions. As you know, CO2 emmision rate is increasing day by day around us because of fosil and nuclear energy solutions. We are leaving every day different energy diseaster because of these solutions.


Recently Japanesse nuclear diseaster and similar unexpected situations forced to find alternative and renewable energy solutions to energy investors. Global Trading 2010 Ltd is one of leading renewable energy solution provider and equipment supplier in Bulgaria..


We are serving with our applicable and economic Project solutions and avaliable equipment and component to renewable energy market since 2010. Our aim to design or to help to design optimum solution in renewable energy applications.
Our target is uniqe with other sensetive solution providers ! Go to more green world and feel to nice emotion of human being!!